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Tim Hammer took care of our family when we visited Disney California Adventure on a Friday and Disneyland on a Saturday on the last weekend of July 2017. This is an extremely busy period for Disney Anaheim and the park felt busy. Stone VIP is really an invaluable service and we loved it. At the Disney California Adventure we were shocked to be able to ride/do 17 things over a 10 hour period including the magic morning. At Disneyland we rode/did 13 things over a 8 hour period including the magic morning. This does not include our sit down lunch nor some snack/drinks pit stops, nor does it include the character meets. We only rode the most popular rides for kindergarten and primary school age children but did a few things for the adult fold (namely Pirates of the Carribean and Star tours). Tim is seriously knowledgeable and fun, in particular my two younger ones developed a serious attachment to Tim! Wanting to ride with him over mommy and daddy (our welcome break!), "join" forces with him on Midway Mania and Astroblazers as Tim's aim is razor sharp. Disneyland & Dssney California Adventure. Expect a well planned day with no time wandering around lost, looking for bathrooms, seriously efficient queuing for extremely popular rides. Our longest queue was 20 minutes for storybook canal which was not a great ride honestly and I think Tim did try to hint at this......... Otherwise we queued for between 0 minutes to maximum 10 minutes, and on average 5 minutes. We cannot recommend Tim and Stone VIP any higher than the fact that we plan to visit Orlando Disney Resort with Stone VIP and would choose Tim to show us around (if only he lived in Florida!) Once again thank you Tim and Stone VIP


Hong Kong, China
Definitely worth the money for a total experience. We have used Disney in the past for the guided tour and it was quite good; however, the Stone VIP service surpassed it. We visited the Magic Kingdom and Universal and our guide, Brittany Rapp, listened to what we wanted and provided us with an excellent adventure in both parks. The parks were crowded and provided different experiences; therefore it was important to focus on the spread of ages (5 to 15) of the four kids so that each got rides age appropriate. We were able to access all of the major attractions without waiting in the extremely long lines and, therefore, got in as much as possible in the time allowed. She also provided us with interesting tidbits on the parks and the attractions. Overall an excellent experience for our family.

William G.

Stamford, Connecticut
Going to Disneyland... book Stones VIP with Tommy. Don't hesitate.... book Tommy from Stones now!!! Traveling from Australia in peak season we wanted to experience Disneyland (not lines of people, maps or argue). Booking 2 days with Tommy was the best choice we could have made. Spending one day in each park with Tommy guiding us was just awesome. We spent our first day in California and our second in Disneyland. We travelled around America for a month and when people ask us the highlight of the holiday...our answer is always Disneyland ... but because of Tommy. We got to experience all our wish list plus so much more we didn't even know was possible. One special experience was the drawing workshop (learning how to draw Minnie Mouse... fun). As a family we just got so much out of our Disney trip. Tommy knows the parks inside out so you spend your days relaxed and taking in every drop of Disney fun. Kids need a bathroom... Tommy knows where, need food (he has it covered). Our daughter even got sick and he went to first aid and bought her medicine. We can't thank Tommy enough for helping our Disney experience be so magical. We met people from Australia who were at Disneyland the same day as us. They were so disappointed as they only got on two rides the entire day. With Tommy's help...20-25 plus rides a day (all the big rides plus so much more). Send Tommy your wish list before you arrive and wait for your trip to be amazing. Thanks Tommy!!! (You know it was worth it when you go back into Disneyland without Tommy and your kids ask where he is).


Sydney, Australia
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